District heating supply of the city of Porrentruy

The first expansion phase of the Porrentruy district heating system went into operation in 1999. To date (as of August 2020), around 450 properties have been connected. More than 36,000 MWh of heat are sold annually. More than 99% of the heat is generated by the installed wood chip firing systems. The energy wood is obtained from the surrounding forests. With the peak heating capsules, 12 MWth of capacity has been installed so far. Another 15 MWth and approx. 1.3 MWel (ORC process) will be provided by the new wood heating plant "Centrale Roche de Mars" in order to meet the continuous expansion of the network. This means that a total of three heating centers feed into the Porrentruy district heating network.  The wood-fired thermal oil boiler plant (7 MWth) with connected ORC process (1.3 MWel) was commissioned in February 2017. The commissioning of the first wood-fired plant (3.2 MW) already took place in 2015. The heat distribution network has a total length of more than 15,000 meters and will be further expanded in the coming years.

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