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Energy center and parking garage

Erlenmatt Ost, Basel

The new Erlenmatt East district was built on the former railroad site with 13 buildings on 22,000 m² of land. The requirements of the 2000-watt society with the criteria of living space, energy consumption and mobility were the basis for the project planning. For this new, lively part of the site, a parking garage with an adjoining energy center was built. The latter supplies the Erlenmatt Ost district with energy in the form of electricity and heat. Heat is generated by four groundwater wells and three centrally installed heat pumps with a total of 900 kW in the final stage. A total of 70 m³ of heat storage distributed over five units is installed in the heating center. Decentralized heat pumps for hot water production were installed in the individual buildings.

Groundwater is also used by F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG to cool the buildings and its industrial processes. 850 kW of solar power is installed on the roofs of the buildings, which corresponds to 30-40% of the site's electricity requirements. This makes it the largest self-consumption system (ZEV) in Switzerland. In the future, a charging structure for electric cars with bidirectional e-storage use is to be realized on the site.

Stiftung Habitat, ADEV, F. Hofmann-La Roche AG

Stiftung Habitat, ADEV, F. Hofmann-La Roche AG

Stiftung Habitat, ADEV, F. Hofmann-La Roche AG

2013 - 2019

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