Canton of Zurich - Extension of Engstringer junction / New construction of Bernstrasse underpass


With the start of construction of the Limmattalbahn in September 2017 and the town square in the center of Schlieren in August 2018, a comprehensive redesign and urban upgrading of Zürcherstrasse/Badenerstrasse is underway. In this context, the aim is to shift the through traffic of the east-west direction to Bernstrasse, which is located to the north. The cross connections between the two traffic axes will become more important due to the changed traffic routing. As a result, Engstringerstrasse will become the main connection to the center of Schlierm. 
In this context, the Civil Engineering Office of the Canton of Zurich is planning the extension of the Bernstrasse / Engstringerstrasse junction and the construction of a new traffic circle at the Rütistrasse junction. Project components are:

> Project planning for the extension of the Bernstrasse / Engstringerstrasse junction

> New underpass construction incl. ramps (length 350 m) in the groundwater

> New construction of the Rütistrasse traffic circle

> New construction of road wastewater treatment plant (retention filter basin with sand filter, A=370m2) incl. pumping station and power supply building

> Adaptation of drainage system incl. new culvert structure for undercrossing the underpass by means of press drilling

> Extension of utility lines incl. new construction of traffic signal systems and operating and safety equipment

> Partial replacement of noise barrier Bernstrasse

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