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Hybridwerk Aarmatt


Hybrid Energy Plant / Power to Gas. Development, planning and execution of a reserve and peak heating plant to link the gas grid, electricity grid and district heating grid.

The plant consists of a "Power to H2" plant (with later expansion to Power to Gas), a combined heat and power plant (CHP) and a heat storage tank with 300 m3 water capacity. In the plant, up to 60Nm3 of hydrogen per hour is produced from surplus electricity (from photovoltaics, wind) in an electrolysis plant (proton exchange membrane process) with 350 kW electrical power, which is temporarily stored in 180 Nm3 gas storage tanks at 30bar and fed into the natural gas grid as required. A 1.2 MWel./1.2MWth. Twelve-cylinder gas engine CHP unit and a 6 MWth. Gas boiler generate electricity and heat to feed into the district heating grid. This stores excess electricity and connects the electricity, natural gas and district heating energy networks (sector copying). R134A heat pumps to recover the waste heat 3x100m3 hot water tanks compensate the difference between heat production and demand.

Regio Energie Solothurn

2013 - 2015

Energy systems


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