Kriminalpolizei Zürich, Neubau Kriminalabteilung

Stadtpolizei Mühleweg, Zürich-West

The new building for the Criminal Investigation Department of the Zurich City Police, with around 500 workplaces, brings together organizational units that are currently spread across several locations in the city in a new central location. The new building combines offices and ancillary rooms for the investigation and search services, the criminal investigation service (detective office with 24-hour service), the management and the administration as well as the infrastructure for arrestees and other operationally necessary rooms under one roof. The spatial consolidation of the Criminal Investigation Department results in valuable operational synergies in terms of cooperation, and operational efficiency can also be increased.

Due to the demanding uses, which place high demands on security, technically sophisticated HVAC systems have to be planned and built. At the same time, high standards were set with regard to energy consumption. Despite the high demands of the uses, the building meets the Minergie-P-Eco standard.

Kriminalpolizei Zürich

Erne AG, Zürich

Penzel Valier AG, Zürich

2017 - 2021

Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration,
Sanitary installations, sprinkler systems


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