New construction of train depot and station house conversion

Traindepot, Bätterkinden

The new depot building is integrated into the agricultural plot structure and, together with the Landi headquarters, forms a typology of parallel, linear industrial buildings along Bubenbergstrasse.

The historic conversion station forms the western boundary of the new station square and at the same time becomes the prelude to the new landscape park along the renaturalized Entenbach. The representative expression of the building is thus brought to the fore again. The roof structure is conceived as a light, resource-saving supporting structure in hybrid construction, made of steel and wood.

The hall is generously lit from above via the skylights. The longitudinal beams reflect daylight downwards and create pleasant, indirect lighting in the working areas next to the trains. The side facades are only moderately interrupted by window openings that offer a view of the landscape and allow visitors to the park to look into the depot.

The temperature in the maintenance hall is controlled by thermal component activation (TABS) and radiant ceiling panels. A simulation has shown that the maintenance hall can be naturally ventilated via the skylights. The offices, social rooms and showers etc. are ventilated via energy-optimized ventilation systems.

Heat is generated in a CO2-neutral manner via a wood chip system.


Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn RBS

Penzel Valier AG, Zürich

2019 - 2026

Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration,
Sanitary installations, sprinkler systems


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