Parking garage Pilatusmarkt Kriens

Renovation of parking and driving areas

The existing mastic asphalt pavement showed cracks, which caused water containing chloride to reach the prestressed slabs.

Based on a condition analysis, an optimized rehabilitation concept was developed.

  • 7 parking levels with a total of 33,000 m2
  • Use of conventional concrete repair and cathodic
  • Corrosion protection, depending on damage and time of repair
  • Demolition of mastic asphalt and application of parking deck coating
  • Implementation of design concept for coloring walls, columns and parking deck coating
  • Complete replacement of the corroded sprinkler system with optimized fire water retention concept


  • Concrete repair
  • Cathodic corrosion protection
  • Parking deck coating
  • Sprinkler

MEG Pilatusmarkt Kriens

Structural maintenance



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