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Plaines du Loup bloc central

The Services industriels Lausanne, SiL, are responsible for the heat supply of the eco-neighborhood Plaines-du-Loup. Gruner Gebäudetechnik Basel has been commissioned by SiL to design (Phases 31 - 53 according to SIA 108) the heat production plants of the building complexes C and D. The heat production plants comprise eight heating centers and two substations. The heat production plants comprise eight central heating stations and two substations: 

  • a total of eight low-temperature heat pumps for building heating, total capacity 1'100 kWth
  • a total of eight high-temperature heat pumps for hot water production, total capacity 300 kWth
  • two anergy networks, which draw geothermal energy from a total of 12x 800m deep geothermal probes with a total capacity of 624 kWth and supply it to the heat pumps as an energy source.
  • two systems for heat recovery from the building wastewater, which extract heat from the wastewater via two heat pumps with a total of 250 kWth and feed it back into the anergy network.

The ensemble of buildings with heating systems complies with the standards Minergie P and the 2000 W Society.

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