Belforstrasse 152, Basel

The Belforterstrasse 152 residential home in Basel is intended to become the home for adults who have to live with a severe physical disability or multiple disabilities with a high need for assistance. Autonomous living groups are to give the residents the feeling of a family structure that is as natural as possible.
The special feature in the planning was the project-specific requirements for the patient bathrooms, controlled living space ventilation and heat recovery. In the area of electrical engineering, the use of the "James" guardian angel system, among other things, was also dealt with in the planning.

Enclosed space (SIA 416)                                 10,059.34 m3

Occupant spaces                                                              24

Number of floors above ground                    ground - 4th floor

Number of floors                            underground 1st basement

Immobilien Basel-Stadt

Eiffage Suisse AG, Basel

Otto Partner Architekten AG, Liestal

2017 - 2019

Electrical installations,
Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration,
Sanitary installations, sprinkler systems


Your contact person

Andreas Schmid
Head of Building services Basel
+41 61 367 94 70 | YW5kcmVhcy5zY2htaWRAZ3J1bmVyLmNo

Gruner AG
St. Jakobs-Strasse 199
CH-4020 Basel

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