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Gotthard Base Tunnel North

Material management

The excavation works for the 7.8 km Erstfeld section of the Gotthard Base Tunnel produced some 3.1 million tonnes of spoil.
The material management system set out to maximize reuse of the excavated material on the project, to minimize the burden on the environment and to achieve a cost-effective overall solution.
These targets were achieved by use of a complex conveyor belt system on the installation site, an optimized storage concept with various intermediate storage points, treatment of the TBM spoil to produce concrete aggregate for the Amsteg section and SM1 treatment for the Erstfeld section.


The material management system also provided a link between the operations on various tunnel sections (Erstfeld, Amsteg, Altdorf/Rynächt) and other works.
The material management system for the Erstfeld section required construction, operation and dismantling of the following systems:

  • Screening station (central control point)
  • Train loading facility
  • External feeder points
  • Truck loading facilities
  • SM1 treatment system
  • Complex conveyor belt system
  • Intermediate storage points
  • Unloading channel

Project period: 1997 – 2008

Services: Project management for Erstfeld section (as consortium member), plans for public display, main design, tendering procedure, support during construction and site supervision

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