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Gotthard Base Tunnel North

Design work for the Erstfeld section

In 1994, the Gotthard Base Tunnel North engineering consortium was commissioned with the complex design work for the Erstfeld section.
The 7.8 km Erstfeld section of the Gotthard Base Tunnel between Erstfeld and Amsteg comprises a cut-and-cover tunnel crossing the debris cone of a torrential stream and a bored tunnel through the Erstfeld gneisses of the Aare Massif and various fault zones. The Erstfeld section includes the following structures:

  • 2 single-track tubes (L = 2 x 7,2 km)
  • 22 cross-passages
  • Underground branching facility (for later northward extension of base tunnel)
  • Cut-and-cover tunnels(2 x 600 m) with large precut (30 m high contiguous pile walls)
  • Extensive external works: rerouting of cantonal road and A2 freeway feeder, rerouting of utility lines, material management, siding, and tunnel water treatment facilities, tunnel water drainage, water supply and disposal

Project period: 1994 – 2012
Services: Project management for Erstfeld section (as consortium member), plans for public display incl. supervision of building permit procedure (public display/handling of objections), main design, tendering procedure, production information, detailed designs and site supervision

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