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Gotthard Base Tunnel North

Pipe jacking under railway embankment and Walenbrunnen stream

For construction of the 7.8 km Erstfeld section of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the existing utility lines near the installation site north of Erstfeld were rerouted and additional lines installed.
The (hydroshield) microtunneling method was adopted to carry pipes under the existing Gotthard railway line and a stream.  This low-settlement technique allowed installation of the two 50 m-long, 1,200 mm bore pipelines with limited disruption to rail services (at worst, with only one track closed at any time). The overburden depth totaled 5.5 m for the railway line and only 2.0 m for the stream. Measures were taken to protect the stream against negative impacts from the jacking operations. The two pipelines lie some 3 m apart.

Project period: 2003 – 2005
Services: Project management for Erstfeld section (as consortium member), hazard survey and concept for works, measurement concept plus intervention plan, support during construction, compilation of findings from first jacking operation for optimization of second operation, site supervision

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