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Gotthard Base Tunnel North

Amsteg and Erstfeld sections

In 1994, the Gotthard Base Tunnel North engineering consortium was commissioned with the complex design work for the Amsteg and Erstfeld sections. Project period: 1994 - 2012

Tunnels on Amsteg section:

  • Intermediate point of attack (access tunnel, L = 1.8 km)
  • Two single-track tubes (L = 2 x 11.4 km)
  • 38 cross-passages
  • Cable tunnels (L = 1.9 km)

Tunnels on Erstfeld section:

  • Two single-track tubes (L = 2 x 7.2 km)
  • Cut-and-cover tunnels (2 x 600 m) with large precut (30 m high contiguous pile walls)
  • Underground branching facility (for later northward extension of base tunnel)
  • 22 cross-passages

The single-track tubes for both sections were driven by tunnel boring machines.

Services: Project management for Erstfeld section (as consortium member), design for all project phases, site supervision

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