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Belchen tunnel re­hab­ili­tation

Ecological site supervision 

Since February 2016, the largest tunnel boring machine ever used in Switzerland has been tunneling through the mountain 3.2 kilometers from the southern portal at Hägendorf (canton Solothurn) to Eptingen (canton Basel-Land). The breakthrough happened three months earlier than planned, at the end of June 2017. Around 550,000 cubic meters of excavation material were transported by conveyor out of the tunnel and primarily to the nearby Fasiswald landfill site. The tunnel, which costs around CHF 500 million, is scheduled to open in 2021. Following this, the two old tunnel tubes, which date back to the 1970s, will be refurbished in succession. 

Gruner AG has been supporting the construction work as part of the mandate for ecological site supervi-sion (ESS) since 2013. ESS ensures that the environmental protection regulations are correctly imple-mented in terms of technical aspects and time and, in addition to the Belchen construction site, also pro-vides assistance in the filling of the Fasiswald inert materials landfill site. ESS will continue to safeguard the environmental protection measures at the large-scale construction site until work finishes in 2021. It is thus a small cog in the complex system of this exciting major project. 

The existing Belchen N2 tunnel system is monitored by Gruner