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Ecological Site Su­per­vision for Noise

Re­no­vation and Con­ver­sion of the Merian Iselin Clinic Basel

Large parts of the Merian Iselin Clinic in Basel are being converted and renovated under ongoing operation. The project also includes the dismantling of the building envelope as well as demolition work in the building interior.

The noise-sensitive situation, caused by the ongoing operation of the clinic and the location in a densely populated residential area with a school in the immediate vicinity, requires professional site supervision in the area of noise control.

The goal is to comply with the statutory regulations for construction noise and to implement the requirements of the Noise Control Department of the Office for Environmental Protection and Energy (AUE). The main areas of focus are:

  • In-depth instruction and briefing of the contractor regarding noise control at the construction site
  • Review of noise control measures and compliance with the building noise requirements by means of regular inspections
  • Providing preventative information for local residents
  • Documentation of the work 

The strict noise control requirements of the clinic are monitored by the ecological site supervision team for noise and are adhered to by the contractor. Thanks to pragmatic solutions and good communication with the local construction management and the contractor, there are no delays in the construction progress. The specialist unit for noise control is well informed about the construction progress and the noise control measures through the construction journals and the final report of the ecological site supervision team for noise.

Project period: May 2016 – end of 2017

Services: Creation of a construction noise concept; professional supervision of the construction work through ecological site supervision for noise.