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Elimination of bottlenecks on A1 freeway, Glattal-Winterthur region

Fitness-for-purpose assessment

Measures are planned to eliminate the existing bottleneck on the A1 freeway in the Zurich-Glattal-Winterthur region. The Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) commissioned Gruner Ltd to conduct a fitness-for-purpose assessment. After conducting a number of comprehensive analyses, framing a strategic approach and developing combinable solution components, Gruner was able to identify a series of viable options. These ranged from improvements to existing facilities to the provision of completely new routes.

On the basis of constructional and traffic engineering feasibility studies and two independent evaluation procedures (extended cost-benefit analysis and target attainment analysis), it was possible to single out a preferred option involving the construction of a new high-capacity road between Zurich North and Baltenswil.

The fitness-for-purpose assessment involved provision of the following services:

  • Traffic, spatial and environmental analysis
  • Development of solution components and generation of a range of options
  • Performance of two evaluation procedures
  • Verification of constructional and traffic engineering feasibility
  • Cost estimate
  • Synthesis