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Energy Transfer

400 kV overhead transmission line in Algeria

GRTE Spa - CEEG Spa mandated a Stucky Ltd.-lead Consortium of Algerian firms affiliated to SONELGAZ for the engineering studies and the follow-up of the construction works and the project management.

The project which was carried out between 2005 and 2012 included the final design and supervision of the construction of the 400 kV El Affroun – Hassi Ameur overhead transmission line in Algeria. The overhead transmission line is now the backbone of the high voltage energy transit between Tunisia and Morocco, thus also providing an interconnection with the European grid.

More than 800 towers were needed to connect the 320 km long overhead transmission line between Hassi Ameur (Oran) and El Affroun (Algiers) in Algeria. The supply of equipment, the erection works and the civil works were carried out by the aforementioned Algerian companies, who also performed the commissioning under Stucky’s lead. Stucky Ltd. as well as the design and project management carried out all geotechnical studies and investigations for the foundations of the 820 four-legged galvanized steel lattice towers.