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Tunnel Glatscheras

Re­fur­bish­ment Plan­ning and Implementation

The Tunnel Glatscheras of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) is located on the route Stuls - Bergün, about 800 m from Bergün station. It has a total length of 334 m and was built shortly before the 1903/1904 opening of the Albula Railway in just 144 days since the originally planned open route was buried by landslides and rockfall in the spring of 1903.

The tunnel refurbishment is designed for an intervention-free period of 70 years. The applied standard construction method ensures that the identified damage and defects are remedied long term. Under this standard construction method developed by the RhB, the tunnel vault is expanded amid continued opera-tion. During the day, the detonations are prepared behind a protective tunnel. During extended night inter-vals, the tunnel vault and rock are then blasted in short successive stages, and the blast debris is re-moved. On the same night, a new tunnel vault made of prefabricated concrete elements is installed. The result: A completely refurbished tunnel made of prefabricated concrete elements (tunnel vault and floor).

Project period: 2013 - 2016

Services: Conceptual review, planning permission project (extended project), tendering, detailed design, technical site supervision, commissioning and conclusion