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Suva Lucerne

New computer center

Gruner Kiwi AG was commissioned to handle overall management of the project to replace Suva's old Rösslimatt computer center in Lucerne. Thanks to the varied and demanding work done – including feasibility studies, the tender document, the call for general planning tenders, the call for external housing tenders, technical and financial project controlling, deadline monitoring, quality assurance for planning and execution, organization and supervision of integral tests, specialist support for the general planning team – the project was delivered in the desired quality, on time and on budget. To ensure that operations continued uninterrupted while the new computer center was being built, a provisional center had to be set up in a vacant civil defense basement facility. Once the new computer center at the old location was up and running, the provisional one was dismantled. Providing 450 m2 of system floor space, the new computer center meets Tier 4 requirements.