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Gotthard Base Tunnel North

Preparation of Erstfeld installation site

Various enabling works were needed for construction of the 7.8 km Erstfeld section of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. A number of preliminary contracts were carried out at the installation site to ensure commencement of the main works (tunnel drive) was not delayed.
Located on the northern fringes of the town of Erstfeld, wedged between the valley slope and railroad, the installation site covers an area extending approx. 100 m from east to west and around 400 m from north to south.


As the proposed installation site for the Gotthard Base Tunnel project was crossed by a cantonal road (Gotthardstrasse), both this and a feeder road to the nearby A2 freeway had to be rerouted.
Rail access to the installation site is provided by a siding, which branches off the mainline and runs along the western site perimeter. The siding system comprises loading, unloading, bypass, storage and turnout track.
The enabling works also included provision on the installation site of a rainwater pumping station and oil interceptor for surface water management.
A process water reservoir, fed by a nearby groundwater pumping station, was additionally provided to cover the entire process water requirement for the installations and the two tunnel drives.


Project period: 1997 – 2007
Services: As consortium member: project management for Erstfeld section, plans for public display, main design, detailed design, tendering procedure, production information, site supervision

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