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Geological mapping of southern section 1048 Mesozoikum

Mapping the bedrock

The 1:25,000 scale Geological Atlas of Switzerland provides an important decision-making basis for planners faced with geological issues.

Feedback on the Frick – Laufenburg sheet of the Atlas made it clear that the area charted needed to be expanded. At present the map ends at the Rhine. Now a useful section on the right bank of the Rhine is to be added to sheets 1068/1048 (Sissach – Rheinfelden).

Gruner Böhringer AG has been tasked with mapping the bedrock in the southern section of sheet 1048 (Rheinfelden) on both banks of the Rhine, with the exception of the western slope of the Eggberg, where there is granitic rock. Gruner Böhringer's profound knowledge of the local geology, especially the Triassic rock that occurs here, was instrumental in winning the contract.

The survey will continue until the end of 2017.