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Construction of 400 kV SF6 switching station

Renovation of 220 kV, 16 kV and instrumentation and control system.
Renovation of transformer fire protection system.

Construction of Chamoson 400 kV SF6 switching station: following the construction of the 380 kV switchgear at Verbois, Alpiq continued to expand its 380 kV network by building the Chamoson-Verbois ultra-high-voltage line. The Chamoson SF6 switchgear was constructed in order to interrupt the energy produced by the new Cleuson-Dixence plant. The SF6 switchgear has the following features: two feeder lines (Bickigen feeder added in 2008), one feeder transformer (TR 600 MVA, longitudinally and diagonally adjustable), three feeder groups of 380 kV cables, double busbar. Main supplier ABB.