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National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) – Ganmo new substation

Nigeria, Ganmo

The Federal Government of Nigeria is financing the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) that covers 8 on-going gas-fired thermal power stations, 100 transmission lines and associated substations, 1 telecommunication project covering the whole country, 15 gas pipeline projects, and 290 distribution network projects. These projects span from Calabar to Lagos, from Omoku to Maiduguri, from Gbarain to Kano.
Stucky, in joint venture with a local engineering company, was awarded the lot 6 Project Consultancy Services, supervising two EPC Contractors, Lots 9 and 10. Under Lot 9, a new substation was built at Ganmo. The 330/132/33-kV substation consists of two 150MVA, 330/132/33-kV power auto-transformers and two 60MVA, 132/33-kV power transformers.