Bridge "Under Brugg"

Beromünster (Luzern)

The bridge over the Wyna in Beromünster was the winning project in the single-stage competition that was put out to tender for the region's bypass road in the canton of Lucerne. The bridge will be optimally connected to the current cantonal roads in order to maintain the capacity of the junction. The traffic-oriented road-cycle and pedestrian bridge now forms a direct connection around the town center. Due to the innovative construction with double steel box girders made of Corten steel, the bridge has a very slim appearance. The integration of the SABA directly in the river cross-section helps the structure to blend better into the landscape. At both abutments, green vegetation is pulled up to the edge of the bridge to cover the concrete footings and better blend into the overall landscape. The attractive appearance of weathered steel bridges is optimal for historic sites, blends pleasantly with the surroundings, and improves with age. This allows the bridge to integrate well into the landscape concept and strengthens the historic character of Beromünster.

The structural system of the bridge is a composite structure and a three-span girder. The main girder consists of two box girders made of Corten steel with constant height. The use of steel box girders allows the design of a slender and filigree bridge structure. The deck is made of in-situ concrete. The bridge superstructure is supported on two intervening concrete piers, as well as by the two abutments. Span length: 32, 38, 32 meters.

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  • Westpol Landschaftsarchitektur
Processing period
  • 2019 - 2023
  • Bridges
Referenzblatt Infrastruktur Under Brugg, Beromünster


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