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Arth-Goldau railroad station

Renewal of the track and platform systems

The old Arth-Goldau station is to be extensively renovated and expanded to become a national hub for the Gotthard Base Tunnel. While the railroad is in operation, the platforms are to be extended, the tracks are to be repaired and the overall appearance of the station is to be sustainably shaped.


  • Perron facilities for the handicapped: new platform construction, work line construction, furniture adaptations, overall drainage
  • Track systems: deconstruction, renewal of substructure/superstructure (AC-Rail), track drainage, crossings
  • New passenger underpasses: Demolition and new construction of the PU in in-situ and element construction, new accesses, repair of existing PU sections, excavation pit closures, planning + supervision of temporary solutions
  • New platform roofs: demolition and new construction of the platform roof systems according to RV 05, new station hall, project planning of steel construction +foundation, overall coordination

SBB AG, Infrastruktur - Projekte Nord-Süd Achse Gotthard, Luzern

Railway construction,
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