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Coop Neu­bau Produktionszentrum Pratteln

As part of the implementation of the LoBOS concept (Logistics, Bakery and Organisation Strategy), the Coop Cooperative is building a gigantic production centre in Pratteln with a building volume of 940,000 m3. In addition to bringing together the three production plants Sunray, Cave and Chocolats Halba, the fully automated high-bay warehouse offers space for 44,000 pallets. On the 2nd floor are the staff restaurant, office space and laboratory facilities. In addition to the largest wine cellar in Switzerland, the building complex has a railway connection as well as its own biomass centre. The massive reinforced concrete construction is supplemented by several steel halls and roofing.
In the shell construction phase, approx. 85,000 m3 of concrete were realized in 11 months of construction time.

Coop Genossenschaft, Direktion Immobilien

S+B Baumanagement AG, Olten

S+B Baumanagement AG, Olten

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