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    Dachslerstrasse Section Im Stückler to Neeserweg


    Dachslernstrasse has no sidewalk on the south side between Loogartenstrasse and Neeserweg. This can be remedied in connection with the planned replacement construction of the "Im Stückler" housing estate opposite. Due to the new sidewalk construction on the south side, the entire road in the section Im Stückler to Neeserweg will be shifted northward and newly constructed there including the northern sidewalk. The new construction will be accompanied by the following construction work:

    > New construction of the main water supply line including all house connections

    > Adaptation of road drainage

    > Adaptation of public lighting

    > New UPC route

    > Adaptation of EKZ pipe blocks

    > New construction of VBZ bus stop Neeserweg in concrete

    Stadt Zürich, Tiefbauamt

    2017 - 2019

    Urban and municipal engineering,


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