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Lindenpark - Helvetia Swiss Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Complete renovation of the Lindenpark residential complex in Allschwil.
The properties were built in 1973 as typical representatives of the architectural type of the time and together comprise 120 apartments, a crèche and a parking garage with 196 parking spaces.

In a first step, a condition analysis including a rough cost estimate was carried out, from which the renovation concept was subsequently developed.

The construction measures include a complete renovation of the building envelope as well as a renovation of all residential units with kitchens and wet rooms including a complete replacement of the infrastructure installations.
The project was carried out in an unoccupied state.

Helvetia Schweizerische Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft AG

Gruner Schweiz AG

Gruner Generalplanung AG

2018 - 2022

Fire control systems,
Fire safety planning

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