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Münsterplatz 10-12 / Rittergasse 2, Basel

The listed building complex of the Basel City Department of Construction and Transport at Münsterplatz 10-12 / Rittergasse 2 was completely renovated and adapted to meet today's requirements for fire protection, barrier-free access and personal safety, taking into account the historical significance of the building. These overriding themes were supplemented with targeted renovations of the cafeteria, reception area, meeting rooms and the redesign of individual workrooms.

The aim was to find protection-oriented solutions that were compatible with the protection of historical monuments and fire protection. To this end, a complete inventory of the properties was first carried out and a catalog of measures was then defined together with the fire protection authorities, the monument preservation authorities and the client.

The key to success was the constructive cooperation with all parties involved in the project (authorities, planners, contractors, owners/users) as well as the expertise in fire protection independent of the VKF regulations.

Kanton Basel-Stadt vertreten durch Immobilien Basel-Stadt

Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement Basel-Stadt, Städtebau & Architektur, Hochbauamt

Beer Merz Architekten BSA, Basel

2014 - 2019

Fire control systems,
Fire safety planning,
Hot smoke tests

Referenzblatt Münsterplatz / ­Rit­ter­gas­se 2, ­Ba­sel 10-12


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