Syngenta Bflex research greenhouses


The 33 fully air-conditioned greenhouse cells pose a special challenge for the building services engineering. At the same time, energy efficiency and sustainability have a high priority in the implementation of the demanding climatic requirements.

> Heating and cooling

Use is made of the existing factory water network to cool the greenhouse processes. Reversible ammonia refrigeration machines are at the heart of the heating and cooling system.

> Sanitary

Complex distribution networks for water, compressed air and a water treatment plant ensure the basic supply of the greenhouse cells.

> Ventilation

The greenhouse cells are individually supplied by a ventilation unit. A high control quality is realized.

> Measurement and control technology

The automation of the greenhouse technology is carried out via a PLC-supported system, based on robust industrial standards, in order to meet the high demands on process speed and reliability.


Syngenta Crop Protection Münchwilen AG

wilhelm und hovenbitzer Freie Architekten BDA, DE-Lörrach

2012 - 2015

Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration,
Sanitary installations, sprinkler systems


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