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Arena 2036, Stuttgart

Fire Safety Supervision 

Gruner GmbH, Stuttgart was commissioned by the Amt für Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, UBA Stuttgart und Hohenheim (English: Office for Property and Construction Baden-Württemberg, University Building Authority Stuttgart and Hohenheim) to provide fire safety supervision for the construction of the new ARENA 2036 during all construction phases.

The ARENA 2036 project comprises a skeleton-construction research hall consisting of reinforced concrete supports with truss beams as the roof structure and an adjoining, solid-construction entrance building for teaching and administrative purposes. The building is approx. 45 m wide, 125 m long and has a total built surface area of approx. 5,625 m².

Gruner GmbH, Stuttgart created the fire safety concept, offered consulting during the planning and ensured the quality of the fire safety components. In addition, a structural fire design according to Eurocode was carried out for parts of the roof structure.


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