Krematorium, St. Gallen

With the new crematorium building in the heart of St. Gallen, a cult object was created. The new crematorium is characterised by the visibility of the clinker masonry in Flemish association, whose precise joining and expressive bond, which requires the highest precision from the planners and craftsmen.


  • Excavation pit with tensioned and non-tensioned anchor
  • Injection bored piles
  • Brick brick facade in the Flemish Association

Stiftung Krematorium St. Gallen

Structural engineering


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Markus Dierauer
Head of Structural design Eastern Switzerland
+41 71 335 09 24 | bWFya3VzLmRpZXJhdWVyQGdydW5lci5jaA==

Gruner Schweiz AG
Oberstrasse 153
CH-9000 St. Gallen

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