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Neubau WÜB "OC" (BF 4+7), Bern Brünnen

In Bern Brünnen, CPV/CAP Pension Fund Coop Basel is building a residential complex with commercial use on the ground floor. The two buildings each consist of 2 basement floors with technical rooms and car sheds. Above the basement floors with commercial areas and common rooms, there are 146 apartments on the upper 4 floors. The client attaches great importance to an increased standard of fit-out. In the southern area the building structure overhangs the motorway tunnel. Since the tunnel must not be loaded, the building loads are diverted by means of a wall disc support system to bored piles installed on the side of the tunnel. The entire superstructure will be built to the Minergie standard.

CPV/CAP Pensionskasse Coop, Basel

Priora, Bern

Froelich & HSU Architekten, Zürich

Structural engineering


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