New Solid Launch Facility Novartis, Stein

The pharmaceutical building with a floor area of 80 x 165 m2 has five above-ground and two underground floors (25m high, 5m to 9m deep). The building is divided into four sections:

Galenic: laboratories, production, engineering. Construction of pre-stressed precast girders and slabs on composite columns with suspended intermediate floors of steel.

Packaging: packaging and storage - steel construction with 41m span.

Support: Offices, laboratories, logistics made of in-situ concrete with precast columns.

Plantrooms: 3600 m2 steel construction hall on the roof for technical facilities.

Novartis Pharma AG

ARGE Burckhardt & Partner, Koppenhöfer + Partner

Burckhardt und Partner AG

Structural engineering


Your contact person

Sandro Brunella
Head of Structural design Northwestern Switzerland, Geotechnical engineering
+41 61 317 63 95 | c2FuZHJvLmJydW5lbGxhQGdydW5lci5jaA==

Gruner AG
St. Jakobs-Strasse 199
CH-4020 Basel

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