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Roof reinforcement, covered parking lot

In addition to material damage, an inspection of the covered parking lot revealed that the flat roof was not sufficiently structurally safe to withstand punching shear. The flat roof was subsequently rendered structurally safe again by fixing punching shear reinforcements onto the underside of the roof. Services: Structural and material status analysis,
construction project, repair project, call for tenders and general planning.

The following work was planned and carried out:

  • sealing the dilatation joint from the outside
  • concrete repair work on the covered parking lot and
  • ramp
  • subsequent structural reinforcement of the flat roof by means of
  • fixation of punching shear reinforcements
  • fire protection cladding
  • complete fresh coat of paint and new lighting installation in the
  • covered parking lot
  • relandscaping of the gardens

Structural maintenance,
Fire safety,
Structural engineering


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