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Structural fire design
Safe and sustainable structures

Structural fire design is an interdisciplinary topic of engineering methods in structural design and fire safety. By using self-developed extended calculation models of research and science, the realistic behaviour of structural systems as well as the associated load bearing reserves are exploited through the interaction of various mechanisms.

The method is primarily attractive for the optimisation of fire protection measures in steel and composite structures up to the complete elimination of costly and maintenance-intensive fire protection coatings. However, it can also be used for reinforced concrete or timber structures.

In addition to the direct economic benefits, flexibility for building extensions and conversions is also increased. Finally, there is a contribution to the sustainable use of resources as well as a clear system separation regarding recycling and re-use concepts that are becoming increasingly important.

The full potential of structural fire design can be used when the design in case of fire is combined with other engineering methods from fire protection, such as a natural fire simulation.

A more detailed article on structural fire design can be found here, and an article specifically on the optimisation of fire protection coatings here.

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