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A good Perspective

We continuously develop our company, invest in modern equipment and a good working environment.

We offer further education in the specialist field and in personal development - which supports our employees in their work with customers. We train our managers to become better bosses.

We develop, but one thing remains the same: we are a company that operates globally AND retains its family spirit.

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This is how the plan works. 

Reconstruction work 1996 as a young engineer at my
SDC mission in Rwanda after the genocide.

What is important to you at your future employer?
Are they exciting projects? An appropriate remuneration?
An agile team? Modern technologies? Flexible working models?
Or a bit of everything?

One thing I can assure you of: Each and every one of us has a very individual answer to this question - and this answer evolves along with the circumstances of life.

My expectations of an employer have also changed in the course of my career. As a young engineer, I wanted challenging projects, and preferably abroad. Later, management topics gained importance for me and I wanted to develop, move more and control more. I wanted to take responsibility in my job
and still be a present family man.

What I have learned over the years and what we at Gruner have understood is that people with their individual abilities and needs make the decisive difference. We value an uncomplicated cooperation in a familiar working atmosphere and yet we are international. We invest both in new technologies and in the further development of our colleagues, and with a flexible work model we create the basis for Gruner to fit the personal circumstances of our employees.

When we feel supported, encouraged and challenged, when we bring in our skills and opinions, exchange ideas, question again and again, and work together in a spirit of cooperation, we are able to make a difference.
we can achieve great things. For this we need experienced specialists, but also young colleagues with fresh
Ideas that make a difference and that want to shape.

This is how the plan works.

Olivier Aebi, CEO Gruner

Gruner offers a working environment with a wide range of opportunities for further development. In a good working atmosphere, one receives constant support from colleagues as well as from superiors. The different competences of the Gruner Group ensure that I am always "up to date" professionally.

Jieshan Yu, MSc Bauing. ETH, Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich

"At the Gruner Group, after my bachelor's degree, I combine what I have learned with practical experience during a six-month internship and make my first experiences with the computational and planning aspects of the engineering profession in civil engineering and building construction. The opportunity to be present at various bridge inspections, reinforcement acceptance tests and meetings in addition to my everyday office work was particularly instructive and motivating for me. The collegial and very fair way of dealing with each other as well as various external events made it easy for me to quickly feel at home at work.

Lukas Osterwalder, BSc Bauing. ETH, Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen

"Gruner offers me the opportunity to develop in a modern working environment, with great colleagues and interesting projects. Since I joined Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG in 2004, I have been supported in my career development on a constructive and gradual basis. Today, as a member of the Executive Board, I am allowed to pass this support on to employees myself - and I am very pleased to do so".

Juri Schuler, Dipl. Bauing. ETHZ, Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG