Fleur de la Champagne, Biel/Bienne

Fire protection

La Fleur de la Champagne is a residential and commercial building that enables different people to live and work in a community-enhancing, sustainable and flexible structure.

The public uses such as a neighborhood store, pub, mobility station and co-working on the first floor anchor the Fleur in the neighborhood.

A six-story block for residential use, together with the two-story building of the Zentrum SIV Foundation, forms the communally used courtyard. On the roof of the foundation, a green roof garden is created halfway up to the residential section, as a semi-private outdoor space for the residents, which communicates with the Terrasse Commune, the access to the apartments through the arcades.

The building is designed to be completely climate neutral. The wooden building is compact and efficient in its use of space, clear and consistent in its structures and designed to get by with minimal building equipment.

Our services:
> Fire protection consulting with special features (furnished arcade, green escape staircase and facade)
> Quality assurance (timber construction)
> Fire protection plans

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Building Contractor
  • Stadt Biel vertreten durch die Baugenossenschaft GURZELENplus
  • ARGE FLEUR Luna Productions / Anderegg Partner
  • Luna Productions GmbH
Processing period
  • 2020 - Today
  • Fire safety planning
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