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Limmattalbahn Los 4

Pedestrian bridge Herweg

The planned Limmattalbahn crosses the highway at Birmensdorferstrasse in Urdorf ZH. The crossing is made over the existing structure, which also forms the Bernstrasse / Birmensdorferstrasse junction. In order to maintain the capacity of the junction, an additional right turn lane from Bernstrasse into Birmensdorferstrasse is planned. The resulting omission of the sidewalk on the Bernstrasse overpass is to be replaced by a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge. The new pedestrian bridge will form a direct connection from the new Herweg stop to the existing underpass under Birmensdorferstrasse. The structural system of the bridge is a single span girder.

Main girder: steel box girder with variable height.

Cross girder: HEA 300.

Composite deck: 80 mm precast slabs, 80 mm in-situ concrete. Span: 50 meters

Limmattalbahn AG

2014 - 2014

Site supervision,

Referenzblatt Infrastruktur Limmattalbahn, Urdorf


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