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Langsamverkehrsbrücke Rhein

Buchs-Vaduz connection

The old main traffic bridge between Buchs and Schaan had become unattractive for non-motorized traffic. For this reason, the town of Buchs, together with the municipality of Vaduz, launched a bridge competition in 2016, in which Gruner won 2nd place.

In 2018, the realization of the winning project started. Gruner took over the contract for the tendering and construction management for the construction of this new pedestrian and cycle bridge.

The new structure bridges the Rhine about 100 m north of the upper Rüttigasse and connects the two Rhine embankment paths.

A classic three-span structure with a total length of 152 m was chosen for this purpose. The structure consists of an extremely robust, multi-cellular box girder cross-section made of weather-resistant steel (Corten steel). The deep foundations are designed for possible floods and associated scour phenomena. In the case of a possible Rhine renaturation, the bridge can be extended accordingly with the construction of a new pier and abutment and more space can be made available for the river.

Stadt Buchs / Gemeinde Vaduz

Site supervision,

Referenzblatt Brückenbau Langsamverkehrsbrücke Rhein, Buchs-Vaduz


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