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New acute hospital

The Zurich Children's Hospital has commissioned ARGE KISPI (Herzog & de Meuron, Gruner) to plan and realize the acute hospital designed by Herzog & de Meuron. It is the largest hospital in Switzerland for the care of children and young people. The children's hospital offers the full spectrum of all pediatric and adolescent medical and surgical specialties. This will provide an exceptional counterpart to the neighboring Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich (PUK), the first medical institution to be located in Lengg. The project is a flat, elongated and subtly structured complex with a restrained outer appearance, which is very lively inside with squares and streets like a small town.

The Akutspital is only three storeys high, with each storey having a different character and enabling different uses. The base-like first floor takes on functions with great depth of space. The rooms above are arranged in rows, tracing the curved, irregular course of the plot. At the top is the resting bed floor. Simple right-angled and regular courtyard incisions divide the building and give it a small-scale structure suitable for children. Circular courtyards of different sizes create clear orientation points in this modular order.

Kinderspital Zürich, Eleonorstiftung, 8032 Zürich

Herzog & de Meuron

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Overall management,
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Engineering methods,
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Sustainable planning, Sustainanble building,
Project controlling and PQM,
Safety, security,
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Referenzblatt Generalplanung Kinderspital Akutspital, Zürich Referenzblatt Gebäudetechnik, Kinderspital Labor, Lehre und Forschung, Zürich


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