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Roche Building 2

As part of the modernization of its historic site in Basel, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd is erecting Building 2: this office building will be 205 m tall and located directly opposite the new Building 1, which is already in operation.

Following the demolition of the existing Building 43, the construction of Building 2 required excavation to a depth of 20 m as well as 103 large bored piles as foundation piles on an area of 2,400 m² in the groundwater.

Services provided by Gruner Ltd's Geotechnical Engineering Department and Gruner Lüem AG comprise:

  • Specialized planning for the following phases: preliminary study, main design, submission and production information
  • Demolition/deconstruction, excavation enclosure, foundation as combined pile-raft foundation, bracing slab
  • Deformation forecasts for the excavation pit walls, foundation and neighboring buildings due to the excavation of the pit, installation of anchors and foundation
  • Overall and specialized technical construction management for the demolition, excavation enclosure, foundation as combined pile-raft foundation, bracing slap

Services provided by Gruner Ltd's Structural Maintenance Department comprise:

  • Preservation of evidence, monitoring of noise and vibrations




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