Geotechnical engineering and foundation
    Safety and cost-efficiency united through innovation

    The crucial parameter in foundation engineering is the condition of the subsoil, which harbors both opportunities and risks. We are extremely conscientious in seeking innovative project solutions that combine high safety standards with maximum cost-efficiency.

    Thanks to specialist knowledge and experience from countless civil engineering projects, we are well-equipped for every new challenge.

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    Your contact person

    Laurent Pitteloud
    Head of Geotechnical Engineering
    +41 61 317 63 76 |

    Gruner AG
    St. Jakobs-Strasse 199
    CH-4020 Basel

    Markus Doessegger
    Head of Infrastructure Zurich, Brugg
    +41 56 460 69 20 |

    Gruner AG
    Altenburgerstrasse 4
    CH-5200 Brugg

    Jean-François Wavre
    Head of Infrastructure Western Switzerland
    +41 21 637 15 28 |

    Stucky AG
    Rue du Lac 33
    CH-1020 Renens VD 1

    Jens Becker
    Head of Department Pipeline Construction / Foundation Engineering
    +49 341 21 72 671 |

    Gruner Deutschland GmbH
    Dufourstrasse 28
    D-04107 Leipzig

    Roger Schaub
    Head of Infrastructure Oberwil
    +41 61 406 13 05 |

    Gruner Böhringer AG
    Mühlegasse 10
    CH-4104 Oberwil

    Christian Epper
    Head of Infrastructure Eastern Switzerland
    +41 71 394 00 16 |

    Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
    Oberstrasse 153
    CH-9000 St. Gallen

    Juri Schuler
    Head of Infrastructure Central Switzerland
    +41 41 748 21 07 |

    Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG
    Chamerstrasse 170
    CH-6300 Zug

    Alexander Merz
    Team leader Infrastructure Zurich
    +41 43 299 74 87 |

    Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
    Thurgauerstrasse 80
    CH-8050 Zürich


    References on the subject

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    FEDRO N1 UPlaNS St Gallen East - West, reinforcement of retaining walls, bridge foundations and galleries in a landslide slope
    ASTRA N1, Zurich northern bypass, cut-and-cover Tunnel Katzensee, retaining walls, foundations, excavation pits
    SBB, Railway line CEVA, Geneva
    Road tunnel in the vicinity of a recent slope slide
    Court Expertise, Inspection Mandate, Second Opinion
    Roche building 2, Basel
    The Circle, Zurich
    Competence Center for Industry 4.0