Acquisiton Diagnostics Analysis and Monitoring

Gruner's ADAM services

Water resource & sediment management with HYPOS

Stucky and Gruner can now propose a next-generation Water Resource and sediment management tool


State-of-the-art probabilistic inflow forecasting tool

Estimate extreme floods with CRUEX++

Estimate extreme flooding in Alpine catchments for the verification of dam safety


Dam safety services

Dam surveillance, monitoring and management

Hydropower rehabiliatation services

Hydropower rehabilitation, modernization and extension

Dam heightening and rehabilitation

Dam heightening, rehabilitation and strengthening

Gruner & Underground Space

Our international service offering

Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Gruner's energy storage services

Infrastructure & Buildings

Mobility for people.

For generations and for the future.

Geotechnical Engineering

Scientific Articles and Publications

Engineering methods

In fire safety and structural design

Our Publications

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