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The history of Gruner in Oberwil, formerly known as Gruner Böhringer AG or E. Böhringer AG, is a fascinating journey that began in 1952 and continues to this day. The company's roots go back to a time when engineering skills and a spirit of innovation opened up new horizons.

In 1952, E. Böhringer AG was founded and laid the foundation for an impressive success story. From the very beginning, the company focused on technical excellence and high quality standards, which quickly made it an established player in the field of engineering. Böhringer AG's expertise spanned various disciplines and helped to realise groundbreaking projects.

In 1979, a decisive step in the company's history took place: Böhringer AG became part of the Gruner Group of Companies. This merger brought not only an expansion of know-how and resources, but also a new phase of growth and national cooperation.

With the integration into Gruner, the expertise of Böhringer AG could be extended to a broader level. Together, a range of engineering and planning services was offered. The synergies between the companies strengthened the innovative power and enabled the implementation of even more demanding projects.

Today, Gruner in Oberwil stands for a long tradition of excellence and commitment in engineering. The history, which began in 1952, is characterised by milestones, regional as well as national partnerships and continuous development. As part of Gruner, today's Gruner in Oberwil continues to set standards in the industry and proudly contributes to shaping a sustainable and innovative future.








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