The Gruner Stucky Ltd branch in Fribourg represents a vital contact point for projects and services in the field of building construction, with a clear focus on French-speaking Switzerland. Opened in 2020, this location marks a significant step in the continuous expansion of Gruner.

From Fribourg, Gruner will focus on challenging building construction projects that positively influence regional architecture and infrastructure. The focus on French-speaking Switzerland makes it possible to respond to the specific requirements and cultural conditions of this region.

The opening of the branch in Fribourg not only expands Gruner's presence, but also strengthens local expertise and services in building construction. The strategic location enables targeted cooperation with partners, customers and experts in French-speaking Switzerland. With a strong foundation of expertise and a dedicated team, this branch is well equipped to continue contributing to the architectural and infrastructural developments of the region.






Fire safety, Building services design, Geotechnical engineering, Building construction management and general planning, Structural design, Safety, Security

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