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This great joint journey of Gruner and Stucky began more than a century ago when Alfred Stucky joined Heinrich Gruner's company in 1915. During this collaboration, Europe's first arch dam was planned and built at Lake Montsalven. Alfred Stucky had suggested the parabolic shape and the calculation model.

Alfred Stucky left Heinrich Gruner's company in 1926 and founded his own. Stucky became a company with a track record unparalleled in the history of engineering and the historic world market leader for hydroelectric power plants.

The Stucky Group, founded in 1926 and headquartered in Renens, became part of the Gruner Group of Companies in 2013 and so the talents and fortunes combined again. While the hydropower business was maintained at a high level and an energy business unit was launched in Zurich, Stucky developed in the areas of infrastructure, structural planning and building services in western Switzerland and was able to expand the offices in Belgrade with nearshoring services.








Energy systems, Power plants (hydropower, power-to-gas, photovoltaics, geothermal), Distribution systems/grid, Hydropower/Reservoirs

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