Grosswärmeverbund Liestal

The six existing heating centers on the municipal territory of Liestal and Lausen will be merged to form the large heating network Liestal and supplied from a central location. The heat distribution network will be extended by 4'000 Tm to a total length of approx. 32'000 Tm. The flow and return temperatures are 120/55 °C. The following objectives are being pursued with the merger of the heat distribution networks: Increased efficiency in the operation of the plants; reduction of energy procurement costs and flexible use of energy sources; increase of the share of renewable energies to more than 80% in the final expansion in 2030.

The heat is generated with two hot water wood-fired plants with 6'000 kWth and 13'000 kWth and three hot water fossil-fired boiler plants (fuel oil/natural gas), as peak load boilers and redundancy, with 10'000 kWth each. The fuel used for wood firing is a mixture of waste wood and forest chips, which is stored in two round silos (AH: 1,100 m3, WS: 1,600 m3 à daily reserve: 4.5 days) and is discharged by means of circular walk milling machines. Special plant engineering is used for the conveying technology (unloading boxes, conveyor belts/chains/screws/bucket elevators, etc.). Four hot water storage tanks, each with a filling volume of 165 m3 , will be installed outside the future district heating center.

The reconstruction of the existing facilities and buildings will be carried out in stages from 2020 - 2030 during ongoing operations.

The new district heating center will go into operation in October 2021.

EBL, Liestal

2018 - 2030

Energy systems

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