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Laboratory building WRO-1093 WRO-1061 WRO-1021, Rosental site

Deconstruction and pollutant cleanup

For the new construction of the university dental clinic, 3 connected former laboratory buildings were deconstructed. Prior to the deconstruction work, the pollutants were cleaned up. 

Services Deconstruction:

> Crack logs neighboring properties
> Clearing and gutting
> Pollutant remediation (see separate reference sheet)
> Decoupling and energy isolation
> Vibration monitoring of surrounding buildings
> Mineral deconstruction
> Securing of excavation pits
> Coordination of dewatering
> Expert monitoring of contaminated sites
> Noise monitoring

Services Pollutants: 

> Preparation of a building check, including sampling and analysis evaluation
> Planning of the remediation of building pollutants
> Site management pollutant remediation
> Air measurements of asbestos according to VDI 3492



Universität Basel

Building contaminants,

Referenzblatt Rückbau Referenzblatt Gebäudeschadstoffe


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