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Drilling in Grandfontaine, JU

Ecological Site Su­per­vision

In partnership with Géo & Environnement GmbH, Gruner Böhringer AG was commissioned by Swiss Saltworks AG to explore the salt-bearing Keuper and Muschelkalk limestone layers (Trias) in the Ajoie in the Canton of Jura by means of geological deep drilling. The focus of the investigation was on the thickness and depth of the salt deposits. This will allow for the further completion of Switzerland’s salt map.

The tasks of the ecological site supervision included:

  • Water resources conservation: creation of a groundwater monitoring concept, groundwater sampling, wastewater treatment and storage of water-polluting substances at the construction site
  • Noise protection: optimal design of the drilling site and installations, informing of residents, compliance with the Construction Noise Directive
  • Air pollution control: air pollution control during construction transports and on the construction site itself (particulate filter control, dust control)
  • Construction waste: excavation pit assessment and utilization/disposal of excavated material (drilling sludge)